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      Adipoyl Hydrazide

      Product description:

      Adipic acid dihydrazide, also known as and dihydrazide, pure white crystals, soluble in water, poisoning. Mainly used in epoxy powder coating curing agent and coating additives, metal deactivator and other polymer additives and water treatment agent. With bifunctional crosslinking reagents, dedicated to the aldehyde, generating a relatively stable hydrazone link. With sodium cross-linked sodium hyaluronate as a protein drug carrier. Crosslinking with diacetone acrylamide in aqueous emulsions and water-soluble polymers. Also used as indoor formaldehyde adsorbent and intermediate raw materials.

      Melting point: 180-182 ° C (lit.)

      Flash point: 150 ° C

      Storage conditions: -20 ° C

      Solubility: H2O: 100 mg / mL

      Form: Crystalline Powder

      Color: White to slightly yellow

      Water solubility: soluble

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