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      P-Bromobi phenyi

      Product description:

      English name: P-Bromobi phenyi or 4-Bromobi phenyi

      Molecular formula: C12H9Br

      Content: 99.3%

      Melting point: 90.5 ~ -92.5 ° C

      Boiling point: 310 ° C

      Relative density: 0.9327 (25/4 ° C)

      Characters: white flaky crystal, with special smell. Soluble alcohol, ether, carbon disulfide, benzene, carbon tetrachloride, acetone, do not dissolve in water.

      Packing: plastic bag outside the drum 25kg

      Uses: used in the synthesis of organic intermediates (medicine, liquid crystal, pesticides)

      Storage: This product is non-dangerous goods, flammable goods.

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